Friday, December 17, 2010


So, I rarely invest in good skin care products, which is strangely ironic given that I really advocate investing in good quality food. I really value quality over quantity in so many aspects of my life, I should know better. Using cheap shampoo means coarser hair that needs to be cut more frequently. I know all of these things, yet, I still use an organic soap to clean my face and an organic moisturizer or olive oil in it's place. It's a good start, but there is certainly room for improvement.

Last week, I was killing some time in Venice when I happened upon a "pop up shop" called the Detox something or other on Abbot Kinney. It sounded right up my alley so I went in and spent some time speaking with the owner of Odacité, an all natural skin care company. Now I should caution that many companies who claim to have "all natural" products, do not. There is no real regulation to that phrase, so approach it cautiously. But, Odacité, they are the real deal. There is no weird, chemically sounding ingredients, jut real stuff that isn't harmful. I bought a sample pack, I guess the starter kit for skin care and have fallen in love. There are no added scents, yet it smells really good, fresh and clean. I'm a new convert.

You can order this stuff online but if you live in LA, you can go for yourself to the Detox Market on Abbot Kinney, from now until the end of December.

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  1. This post could not have been better timing. seriously.