Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shrimp, Beans, and Kale with Herb Pesto

Day four and I have a hideous detox headache that has officially morphed into a migraine. This is part of why when I detox I prefer going to We Care Spa. I mean who wouldn't want to cleanse at a swanky spa where all temptation is removed and all that is required of you is to manage to make it your afternoon massage and to drink a variety of juices and teas and concoctions that are all pretty much pre-made for you? I never get bad headaches there- maybe a mild one every now and then, but nothing like today. Part of the reason is because at We Care you get colonics everyday. So many toxins are coming out of your system that if you don't help your body get rid of them they can build up and give you detox symptoms. We Care is like detoxing virtually symptom free. The opposite of symptom free We Care bliss is the Master Cleanse - I have never felt like such shit in my entire life. If you have any kind of heavy metal toxicity (which I have) and you do the Master Cleanse you will pretty much be in hell.
Despite my migraine I managed to make this for lunch. I used the beans I had put in the freezer from day one. I lightly boiled some kale, then added it to a pan with a little olive oil, garlic and red chili flakes. Then I added the beans to heat them through. While this was going I sauteed some really amazing big fat shrimp from Santa Monica Seafood in a bit of olive oil. I drizzled some of the tahini dressing I made earlier this week over the greens and beans then topped with the shrimp and a little bit of pesto I had made last night. I had a bunch of herbs (parsley, cilantro, and basil) and some pepitas so I toasted the pepitas and put them in a food processor with the herbs, olive oil, juice of one lime, salt and a clove of garlic. I didn't measure anything I just went by how it looked and tasted which is something you learn to do over time, but once you have made pesto once or twice from a recipe, you should have no problem winging it.

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