Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last night, I had a really great little dinner with some friends. I love cooking for people and it is a bonus when I get to sit and eat with my friends instead of clients. I wanted to keep it fairly simple and really show off the incredible spring produce. This is what I cam up with:

The first course was homemade ravioli with ricotta, mint and fresh English peas in brown butter sauce. I also added some sage to the brown butter because I cannot physically prevent myself from adding sage to brown butter. I love it so. Thankfully, it went well with the ravioli and didn't detract from the flavors which I considered as I was adding fistfuls of sage to the pan.

The main course was grass fed roasted lamb shoulder with rosemary and garlic served over Finley Farms spinach. This spinach is better than all others because it is not baby spinach, it's the real deal wrinkled leaves and all and it is really sweet. Next to that was roasted asparagus with even more garlic, red pepper flakes and pecorino cheese. Normally, I would serve some sort of grain or carb, but skipped it because of the ravioli starter.

I am really trying to cut back on sugar in general and especially at night because it keeps me up. That's a new and unwelcomed phenomenon. Anyway, dessert was fresh strawberries, picked that morning with lightly whipped organic cream.

Now, since I forgot to take pictures of the entire evening I am giving you this only picture from last night (which I actually took today from leftovers, eek!) and hoping your imaginations will entertain you with what my dinner looked/tasted like.

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