Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is spring in Kenwood and there is white stuff from some mysterious tree floating around in the air that looks like cotton and is messing up my sinuses.

But who cares when the wisteria is blooming and you are outside in the 70 degree sunshine at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon drinking a peartini and eating olive oil roasted almonds with Herbes de Provence?

Not I. Never mind that it is my only day off this week. Never mind that I spent my day off studying and writing a paper on anorexia.

The afternoon was bliss and dinner will follow.

Life is good....


6 pears, seeded and peeled
1- 1-inch piece ginger
vodka, as much as you like
lemon strips

Juice pears and ginger in a juicer (I like the Breville)
Put pear juice and vodka and ice in martini shaker
Shake and serve with lemon strips

Olive oil Roasted Almonds with Herbs de Provence

Coat raw skinned almonds with olive oil and salt and
roast in oven at 375 until warm and slightly browned.
Toss with herbs de provence & serve.

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