Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have become a chef/blogger/ POSEUR...

When Jess started our blog I actually used to cook every night. I was not working as a chef at the time, but was in school studying nutrition and cooking on a daily basis. Then, I started working in real estate and my time and my life have been sucked away and I recently realized I had not posted one thing since Jess started the blog.

There were a few things I WANTED to post. For example, one night I made a rack of lamb with olive tapenade and asparagus. I took a pic of the lamb on the grill, but then had too much wine and neglected to photograph the final product (plus I dropped my camera in a swimming pool on vacation last year and my present camera does not take the greatest photos).

There was also a night that we had some friends over and I made this amazing swordfish with an insane pomegranate salsa from Suzanne Goin. I served it with this time consuming and delicious roasted butternut squash, farro and sautéed greens side dish. It took me two hours to make the side and it was truly superb. The meal was so beautiful. Guess what I photographed? The raw swordfish and the cheese platter. That’s it.

You see? I am a poseur blogger. But I am embracing it and posting the unfinished meals anyway.... here they are:

Robin's unfinished wonderful meals....

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